• Power Development Master Plan of Vietnam, period of 2011- 2020, outlook to 2030
    Power Development Master Plan of Vietnam, period of 2011- 2020, outlook to 2030

    In recent years, power sector of Vietnam gained fast growth and relatively successful achievement.
    With high growth rate, power sector significantly contributed in economic development and improvement of people living quality. However, there are still many problems such as delayed construction schedules of power plants and power network projects in comparison to those specified in power development plan; lack of investment capital for construction of power generation and power transmission network; resources of hydropower, coal, fuel gas becoming exhausted. Development of coal fired power plants will meet difficulties regarding import of fuel, environmental pollution.


    Natinal pwer develpment plan fr perid 2011 – 2020 with utlk t 2030 (PDP 7) was prepared by Institute f Energy and apprved by Prime Minister n 21 July 2011. Sme imprtant targets f PDP 7 are: electricity prductin and imprt will be abut 330 – 362 billin kWh in 2020; abut 695 – 834 billin kWh in 2030. The pririty is given t develpment f renewable energies fr electricity prductin and share f electricity generated frm these resurces will be increased frm 2% in 2010, t 4.5% f ttal electricity prductin in 2020 and 6.0% in 2030. In which, ttal capacity f wind pwer will be increased frm negligible level at present t 1,000MW in 2020, and abut 6,200MW in 2030; bimass pwer, pwer cgeneratin at sugar plants will have ttal capacity f abut 500MW in 2020, and increased t 2,000MW in 2030.
    Tgether with many legal dcuments prmulgated such as Electricity Law (2004); Envirnmental Prtectin Law (2005); Vietnam natinal

    energy develpment strategy fr perid up t 2020, visin t 2050 (2007); Energy cnservatin and energy efficiency law (2010), the Gvernment has been cntinuing t issue supprt plicies fr strng develpment f renewable electricity such as Decisin n sme financial plicy mechanisms fr CDM prjects (2007); Regulatin n avided cst based electricity tariffs fr small hydrpwer plants which use renewable energy (Ministry f Industry and Trade – 2008); Decisin n supprt mechanism fr develpment f wind pwer prjects in Vietnam (2010), etc.
    T achieve targets f PDP 7 is a big challenge. We nt nly need supprt frm the State, Gvernment but als invlvement f management rganizatins at all levels, enterprises, supprt frm freign cuntries, internatinal rganizatins, and the mst imprtant is public awareness and agreement f whle peple. There is a bielief that pwer sectr will be sustainably develped in prperly effective directin with mitigatin f negative envirnmental impacts and significant cntributin in sci-ecnmic develpment f the cuntry.

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